Is Tear Trough Filler For You?

Thinking about having tear trough filler (under eye filler) but don’t know if you are ready to commit or even eligible for the treatment? We talk about some of the frequently asked (and not) questions, what the procedure involves, side effects and more…

We all dread waking up in the morning and seeing dark circles or bags under our eyes. For some people this is just a temporary result of not getting enough sleep or partying too hard, and a good night sleep is sure to improve your tired appearance. However some of us are stuck with dark under eyes no matter how much sleep we get! But where does it come from and how can this be fixed?

The cause of tear troughs

The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, it is actually thinner than the skin anywhere else on your face. Tear troughs are the result of structural changes that occur as we age and experience fat and bone loss, however in some cases people may have tear troughs in their early 20s. This is not to say that they have aged faster, or that the face has undergone significant structural changes, it is simply the structure of their bone and fat pads around the eyes.

As we age our face loses volume due to subcutaneous fat loss, thinning of bone and thinning of skin. As a result, the eye area can appear hollow and sunken. More specific to the eye area, cheek volume decreases and the fat pads near our eyes can slip, causing bulging or ‘bags’. Combined with the above volume loss; moderate to deep permanent depressions appear between the lower eyelid and cheek.

What can be done about tear troughs?

Fortunately there are non-surgical treatments that can help with the issue if it concerns you! Tear trough fillers are dermal fillers, we use hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers due to the outstanding results and safety profile. Dermal fillers are injected into the under-eye area to restore volume and reduce the appearance of dark circles and sunken eyes. It is an effective way to wake up tired looking eyes and restore youthfulness without the downtime associated with surgical options. Who doesn’t want that?

Can anyone have tear trough filler?

Not everybody is eligible for under eye filler, if you are concerned about dark under eyes or think you may have a depression under your eyes, book a consultation with your cosmetic injector to discuss treatment options.

The under eye area is extremely complex, ensure that your injector is highly trained and uses the correct product as there are risks associated with the treatment.

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